Welcome To TSURO Trust

Our Vision

Empowered, peaceful and united communities of Chimanimani and neighbouring districts with sustained natural resources, healthy and food secure people as well as productive food processing initiatives and marketing businesses.

Our Mission

TSURO aims at empowering the communities of Chimanimani District to improve their livelihoods and relationships through programmes in the areas of sustainable agriculture, natural resource management, community health, agro-processing and marketing. In this effort, the TSURO Trust and the TSURO dzeChimanimani Association will work with traditional leaders and all stakeholders who share the aim of alleviating poverty and reducing dependency of rural people.

Our Principles

Community Ownership – Understanding each community as an unique and diverse entity and strengthen communities to see their challenges and find their own solutions.

Inclusivity -Strengthening communities to reach out and integrate the disadvantaged amongst them into all their activities and processes.

Transparency -Everyone in TSURO has a good understanding of activities ,plans and budgets of TSURO and feels able to contribute to discussions at whatever level

Accountability -Everyone in TSURO understands their roles and responsibilities to ensure implementation and documentation of activities with proper use of resources and owning the outcomes at all levels

Partners Involvement -Recognizing TSURO’s strengths and limitations, and that we can only play a part. We carefully identify partners to compliment our contributions. Also keeping stakeholders well informed about all what we are doing.

Sustainable Use of resources -Appreciating locally available resources we promote combining indigenous knowledge with appropriate knowledge from elsewhere and ongoing local knowledge development and sharing through experimentation, towards ecologically healthy and productive landscapes.

Respect – Respecting peoples’ choices in relation to values, religion, political affiliation and mindset while continuously sharing thought provoking information

Justice – Promoting a clear and evolving policy framework at all levels and enabling different groups to play their role in promoting fairness, equal rights and discipline

Unity – Believe that communities gain strength and power through working together in a non-partisan approach.

Our Objectives

To strengthen TSURO members and their community based structures in their role to spearhead the self organising capacity of all people of Chimanimani to manage their resources and livelihoods in a sustainable way;
To strengthen TSURO Trust capacity to effectively manage internal and external relations and organisational resources;
To strengthen Chimanimani farming communities in their capacity to increase and sustain their agricultural production and food security while protecting and improving their natural resources;
To reduce public health risks, gender inequality , vulnerability in communities of Chimanimani District;
To empower Chimanimani farmers in their initiatives to process and market agricultural produce in order to increase rural incomes;
To strengthen Chimani Delights (Pvt) Ltd as a commercial market linkage for rural producers;
To strengthen community initiated rural development projects backed by appropriate grant making procedures;
To promote respect of indigenous knowledge and culture;
To promote joint stakeholder planning, implementation and monitoring of livelihood development programmes;
To promote the values and principles of respect, peace, community ownership, tolerance and inclusivity, transparency, accountability, sustainable use of resources, justice and unity.

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TSURO is a Zimbabwean community based organisation operating in the Eastern district of Chimanimani. TSURO works towards a vision of empowered, peaceful and united small farming communities of Chimanimani District with well sustained natural resources, healthy and food secure people with productive food processing and marketing initiatives.

The TSURO dzeChimanimani Association, with a group membership of 188 village groups, was founded in 2002 and the TSURO Trust was registered as an NGO in 2009. TSURO’ s participatory community owned programmes are based on values such as social justice, transparency, unity, tolerance, non-partisan operations, accountability and respect. The Association carries out democratic and transparent elections every three years. All programmes are derived from planning processes at village and ward level, using community based planning and monitoring methods. Today TSURO stands for a successful community based organisation that tackles almost all aspects of rural empowerment and livelihoods: Sustainable Agriculture & Natural Resource Management, a wide range of Community Health programmes, and Agro-Processing & Marketing programmes.